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GENUIN is equipped with the most advanced digital and remote multitrack technology for stereo and surround recordings. A state-of-the-art optical MADI line between recording venue and studio control room allows the audio signal to be transmitted hundreds of yards without any loss.

Our modular technology allows us to work on up to two orchestral and two chamber music productions at the same time. GENUIN sound engineers only use top quality equipment and proven technology:

- Neumann and Schoeps microphones
- RME 'Micstasy' microphone preamplifiers and A/D-converters, 64 channels
- 300m of optical MADI multicore cable with 64 channels I/O
- Speakers: B&W 802/805 diamond (surround), Dynaudio Air 6 (surround), Quad ESL 63 (electrostatic)
- Hard disc recording with Sequoia/Samplitude and ProTools
- 20 terabyte removable hard discs
- and much more.

This high-quality equipment plays an important role in recordings by GENUIN. Nevertheless, only precise placement of the microphones, careful mixing of the music, the many years of experience of our sound engineers and how they work with recording artists guarantee classical music recordings of the highest quality.