Saxophone Quartet Presented at the Milan Expo 2015

17.7.2015: On July 17th, visitors of the Expo 2015 in Milan were able to enjoy a special composition that combined music and video together: at the World Expo, the German Pavilion presented Robert Pohle’s video “ – Bagatelle I” with music performed by GENUIN classic’s saxophone quartet The work, in which sketch-like drawings of musicians accompany György Ligeti’s “Bagatelle I”, performed by, was presented at the live venue of the German Pavilion in a video by the Frankfurt Institute for New Media (INM). and Robert Pohle had already won first prize among 90 entries with this video back in 2011 in the “Visual Music Award” creativity competition. At the World Expo, the INM presented special and noteworthy “visual symphonies” of the award, which is given to works from the experimental film genre “visual music”, also known as “eye music”.

The quartet has already released two CDs with GENUIN. In 2010 it presented works by Ligeti, Türr, Lévy, Neuwirth and Xenakis; one year later the quartet released a recording featuring works by Philip Glass and Michael Nyman. on GENUIN